"Very simple yet very effective techniques that are also excellent for helping us to cope with stress. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to learn how to help patients with anxieties and phobias."
Hemini Desai, Chairperson Croydon BDA Section
"Nice techniques that can be implemented."
Rajen Joshi, Densmile Dental Care, Coventry
"The ANGI system is a powerful tool allowing the patient to begin to take the first steps to accepting help and building trust."
Mike Chrisp, Identics Dental Surgery, Maidstone


The aim of the module is to introduce and/or reacquaint practitioners with rapport, suggestion and relaxation techniques to help calm dental anxious patients.


Having completed the course delegates should be able to

  • Use the ANGI mnemonic to remember some key ideas when first talking to an anxious patient
  • Explain the basic principles of trance, hypnosis and suggestion
  • Describe how to teach a patient 5:7 breathing and other techniques
  • Describe how to help a patient feel calmer by engaging with a positive real or imagined experience


I’ve been a hypnotherapist for fourteen years helping people manage their emotions and reactions to situations they find difficult.

Around ten years ago a patient (let’s call him David) came to see me for fear of visiting the dentist   His fear had stopped him visiting for years, but he knew he had a dental problem developing and needed to go. We did some work to relieve his anxiety and he left. A week later, he rang back.  “Andrew!” he said “It’s David.  I’ve JUST BEEN TO THE DENTIST!  It’s amazing!  Thank you.  I’m so happy.  I’m punching the air! I know I can do anything now.”  

David had not only opened the door to a lifetime of better dental health but, by overcoming his fear, he had also stepped over a symbolic threshold for himself.

It was then that I realised how significant dental anxiety is for some people and what an amazing service you and your teams can do for your patients by helping them feel calmer.

“Thank you for two fabulous and inspiring days. It was GREAT and will really help me with my anxious patients. I'll be much clearer about what to say including with RA.”
Clare Ledingham, Community Paediatric Dentist & Tutor

Since then I’ve taught thousands of dentists and team members relaxation techniques, suggestion and hypnosis through my live course How to Use Hypnosis for Calmer Patients and a Calmer You.  Live courses are great, of course, but they also involve taking time off work and, without review, it is all too easy for the skills you learn to fade away.

For that reason, I’ve distilled the key skills and techniques into this three hour, online programme so you can take the techniques you want, apply them as you go, and refer back to the materials as often as you like.

It’s divided up into twenty bite-size parts so you can always find the bit that’s most useful for you.

It includes

  • three simple relaxation techniques you can teach your patients
  • examples and a discussion of the building blocks of hypnosis and suggestion
  • two hypnotic inductions with examples and explanations of what you’re doing and why
  • four extra options for what to do if someone doesn’t calm down enough for you to treat them so you can maintain a positive momentum even when they haven’t become calmer

The course contains practical techniques and an introduction to how you can approach hypnosis and suggestion more extensively should you decide to study further in a live setting.

You can see the course content here and how to use it here.

You can provide the very best welcome for your patients when your whole team can help them feel calmer.  And, if you are a dentist, the more your team can do to help, the easier your work becomes.  Imagine anxious patients calming down before they even come through to your treatment room! For that reason, I have included an option to buy the course and CPD for up to ten people in your team.

“A great day on the treatment of anxious patients. It was relaxed and practical and the course content interesting and applicable. They not only know their subject thoroughly, but also have a really good grasp of relevant dental practices as well as experience of the stresses and strains that face dental professionals”
Malcolm Stewart, Assistant Clinical Dental Director, NHS Grampian

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